2016 Most Awaited Events In The World

2016 Most Awaited Events In The World


Olympic Games and Paralympics in Brazil

This year, the Olympics Games – the biggest sporting event on the planet comes to Brazil. It will be the first time that the Olympic Games will be held in South America. There will be 42 different sports being contested in Rio 2016 including 2 new additions to the Games; golf and rugby, neither of which have appeared at the Olympics for over 90 years.

The Rio Olympics 2016 will start from 5th – 21st August 2016.

There will be 33 competition venues during the games which will be spread across four different regions of the city. The football tournament will also take place in Sao Paulo, Salvador, Brasilia and Belo Horizonte.

The Rio Paralympics 2016 will also start from 7th – 18th September 2016. There will be 23 different sports being contested in Rio 2016 including 2 new additions to the Games; paracanoe and paratriathlon.

2016 Adele world tour

Adele - 25 Full Album

The queen of music industry, Adele has just announced the 2016 world tour in support of her new album “25”, which in just a few days since being released is already breaking sales records across the entire world.

The British diva uploaded moments ago, this Thursday morning, November 26th, a short video to all of her social accounts where she can be seen next to a map of Europe telling her fans all about that new world tour of hers that they’ve been impatiently waiting for so long. The tour will start in late February this year until mid of June.

Transit of Mercury 2016

Transit of Mercury 2016

Transition of Mercury is where the planet passes between the sun and the earth noted to happen on May 9, 2016. The transit will last from about 11:12 UTC to 18:42 UTC with the exact timing depending on the location. Although some part of the planet can’t witness this transition, many still want to watch online stream on this event as it only happens once in a decade. The transit favors the Atlantic Basin with the entire transit visible over the North Atlantic.

The America, Europe, Africa, and some parts of Asia can also have an optimal viewing on this event if having a good weather condition. Unlike lunar and solar eclipses which typically last a few hours at most (including the partial phases), this transit of Mercury will last 7.5 hours. This means at least part the event will be visible over a much wider area as the Earth rotates and new areas become visible.

Juno to Jupiter

Juno Spacecraft to Jupiter

This is one of the most interesting and exciting events which is long awaited by many people around the world since 2011. Juno spacecraft is scheduled to arrive on Jupiter on July 4, 2016. It was launched last August, 2011 and has now traveled 1.5 billion miles or 2.40 billion kilometers. The Juno expeditions still have 267 million miles or 430 million kilometers to travel before they can enter the Jupiter’s Orbit.
The objective of this mission is to understand further the evolution of our solar system. It could also provide insights on how giant planets form and the role these titans played in putting together the rest of the solar neighborhood.

U.S. election

US Election 2016

On Noverber 8 this year, Americans will elect the 45th President of the United States. President Barack Obama is ineligible for re-election due to term limits established in the Constitution. The winner of the 2016 presidential election will be sworn into office on January 20, 2017.

The following candidates are running for the Democratic, Republican or Green Party presidential nomination, and have been recognized by their party through an invitation to participate in a primary debate or inclusion in national polls.

For local 2016 upcoming events, you can go ahead and search on the internet like for example this list of Beirut events on this year.

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